Homage for women’s work in three acts (4 hours, 30 minutes and 4 hours)

HD-video / 8 h 33 min 33 sec / 9:16 / silent / 2018 

I saw a stack of spades in Örebro Stadsarkiv and experienced a sudden seizure of affection towards them. At that moment, I thought about all the work that has been done by my grandmother, a deaconess and a nurse, and all the work being realized at that exact moment everywhere by women standing on their feet.

There are 5 834 female assistant nurses in the province of Örebro. An average duration of a single work shift for an assistant nurse is 8 hours and during that time it is regulated by labour code that one is allowed to have a 30 minute break.

This work is a video where I am standing up for 8 hours as an act of homage for these hours of labour performed by these 5 834 workers.

Kvinnor och män Örebro län 2017
Kommunal fackförbund