Self-portrait as a dog (triptych)

wall paper 300 x 400 cm / 150 x 220 cm pigment print / 100 x 150 cm, pigment print / 2019

The triptych Self-portrait as a dog consists of three photographic portraits:

Self-portrait as a Dog

Portrait of my Imaginary Dog I

The Faithful Friend. Pastiche after the painting “Den trogna hunden på Maria kyrkogård” (1840 – 1841) by Carl Stefan Bennet

Photographic triptych focuses on the question of what happens when the artist is portrayed as a dog and the humanisation of the dog will be reversed: who will identify with whom and why?

The triptych Self-portrait as a Dog was debuted in September 2019 in Kuopio Art Museum, Finland as part of the first M_itä? Biennale of Contemporary Art.